NYDJ Jeans Animation

3d Graphics \ 02.24.2012

In early 2012 I had the opportunity to work on an animation project for Digital Evolution in New York.  The client was NYDJ Jeans and the objective was to put together a 15 second animation to mimic their existing print ad campaign.  My role in the project was primarily texturing, lighting and rendering the final animated sequence that was created using an existing female model, base jeans mesh, and motion capture data of a walking/posing model.

Early Animation Comp

I built the denim jeans textures using reference photos supplied by the client, and had to set up the lighting and background to match some stills that had been previously used in their print ads.  In addition, I had to do some minor sculpting of the legs to make them skinnier than the original mesh we started with.  The trickiest aspect of this project was in the back and forth between the original animation sequence (created in Maya) and the final rendered product that I created in 3ds Max, but after some trial and error we came up with a workflow that got the job done.


Texturing, Lighting, Rendering, and some sculpting of the legs

Tools Used:

3DS Max 2012, vRay, Photoshop 


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