Adami Tulu Project

Web Design \ 12.20.2011

Lamplight Media developed this website to raise awareness about an effort to support a small school in the town of Adami Tulu in Ethiopia.  The school serves hundreds of children from the region, many of whom are orphans, providing education and a nourishing meal every day.  

For the design, I wanted visitors to immediately think “Africa” — and I achieved this by incorporating Ethiopia’s national colors and a rough canvas texture with torn edges.  I also created some custom graphics based on actual photos of the school building, trees, and mountainous terrain.  The site is built on WordPress and allows administrators to maintain text content and photos, update photos and bios of team members, and much more.  Phase two of the project will kick off in 2012 and feature a team blog, as well as a “Child Sponsorship” section where visitors can sponsor students to help cover the costs of their education.


Page Designs, Static Coding and Preliminary CSS Styling

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